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Perfume Pagoda

(1 day - tour code PFP01)

Perfume Pagoda is at 60km from Hanoi. After the road, a small boat will bring you to the famous pagoda built in the natural caves. Discover charming quiet rivers and amazing caves with Thousand Hands Buddhas as Quam Âm – Kuan Ying.

Morning: At 8h00, we will start from Hanoi to Perfume pagoda. It takes one and a half hours to row boat along the scenic walk ways down to the Ma Yen stream to Thien Tru harbor. Exploring many caves such as Huong Tich caves-the main cave and absorbing the mysterious atmosphere heavy with incense, the sound of drum, the prayers of pilgrims and visitors will supply you with the feeling of renouncing this world.
- Have a lunch in local restaurant.

Afternoon: The lunch will be offered to you at Thien Tru Pagoda. After that, you will visit Yen Wharf. You will return to Hanoi at 18h30.

Price for “Group tour”: 18USD/ person (in group 16 people maximum)

Price for "Private tour" in USD and per person
Group size123-56-9

Included: Transport, boat trip, entrance fee, meals, accommodation and tour guide.

Excluded: Personal expenses (telephone, drinks...)